The Solution to VoIP or Kiosk Lockups

The TimeOut-2400 can automatically restart an attached VoIP system or any kiosk. It is a timer and AC power switch with a built-in RS-232 interface and a telephone ring detector. RS232 to USB converters are available for a nominal cost if your computer does not have a serial (RS-232) port.

The TimeOut-2400 will power down and restart attached equipment if it locks up or if the modem does not answer. Watchdog software is available in the software area for all Windows systems as well as Linux.

The VoIP feature requires neither a computer or software. If no incoming calls are detected for a 24 hour period, the TimeOut-2400 will reset your modem, router and VoIP device automatically.

Versions with UL, CSA, FCC and EC approvals are now standard. For North America, a desk-top version (TO-2400D, pictured above). For  anywhere, a version with IEC power connectors (TO-2400U).  Either unit operates on 100/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, and can switch up to 8 Amperes.

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